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Tom Donahue Reports
Where The Truth Really Matters
Category: Conservative (Right)
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Tom Donahue host Tom Donahue Reports last hosted Philly Freedom that was heard on WFYL and Red State Talk Radio. Tom is politic...

by Tom Donahue
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July 15, 2018 10:27 PM PDT

The Trump Presidency, Power, Personality and Performance..

July 08, 2018 10:47 PM PDT

Tom Donahue Show continued with his America First theme and focus on Trump's triumph's. Trump keeps delivering big-time to the religious right and conservative base. The NWO power elite, the Federal Reserve and the mega money monopolists discussed in context of the late great Eustace Mullins, Jim Marrs, Chuck Harder and C. Wright Mills.. Tom discussed the passing of even Ed Schultz. Strangely, there's a shadow chief of staff. Tom credits Michael Savage's profound effect on the Trump presidential call to run. Lots of retro and recent events discussed. Tom produced a power packed program in 'concentrated' form. He says he is not here to bring breaking news, making news or faking news.. rather, covering causes and concerns that are timeless and thematic. Let the radio robotic repeaters in concert convey such stories.

July 02, 2018 02:38 AM PDT

Debut of the Tom Donahue Show and his return to radio.. talks America First frontier movement and its pioneers in 1990's and the rise and triumph of Trump. Trump rescued our great republic and saved our nation! Time to celebrate the rebirth and historic independence established for our blessed and beloved country. A sacred reverence and profound appreciation for our history and for its Founders and Framers of our Constitutional Republic. Broadcasting from the cradle of liberty and the birthplace of our nation. We honor our Declaration of Independence! Philly Freedom! Celebrate!

May 20, 2018 03:26 PM PDT

Chuck Harder Talk Radio Pioneer and Legendary Host of For The People has died at Age 74, April 10, 2018.

Tribute by Tom Donahue.

Upon learning of Chuck Harder’s passing with little fanfare within the radio industry, I decided to do something about it.

Chuck was born in Elgin, Illinois and began his radio career as a DJ in the 60’s in Chicago. Chuck Harder had an illustrious radio broadcast career that’s spanned decades. Harder had been a prominent radio DJ, talk show host, creator and founder of radio stations, talk radio networks, satellite systems, cable TV and newspaper projects. Chuck worked as a talk host in New York City (WMCA), Tampa (WFLA) radio and other markets, eventually leading to national syndication in 1987. Harder was on the forefront of broadcast evolution, forging new paths. He started the Sun Radio Network and the For The People radio program and organization, based in Tampa, Florida. Following a fallout with his new network business partners, he went on to form a new radio network The Peoples Radio Network, relocating to the Telford Hotel in White Springs, Florida. Harder’s For The People radio show was heard on more than 300 radio stations at its peak and shortwave radio. Chuck was beloved by a large loyal following and his show was hugely popular and made a profound difference in their lives. Chuck Harder’s program, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh’s show, was the most listened to syndicated show in prime daytime. Harder’s show and network supplied and sustained so many small market independently owned stations. Chuck’s show was also carried by some big time stations in major markets. Later his show and network struggled to survive with the onslaught of mega-media corporate consolidation. He had a golden radio voice and was a complete natural on-air broadcaster. If any radio talent and consummate broadcaster deserves a place in the Radio Hall of Fame, it is Chuck Harder!

Harder was not a political partisan, rather an independent populist, a protectionist, pro-America nationalist, who leaned left, yet, his politics were of, for and by the people. Chuck was a consumer advocate who looked out for the little guy and the average American. He gave voice to the voiceless, offered common sense for the common man. He cared about our country and its people. Harder had his tax exempt 501(C)3 status scrutinized and investigated by the IRS and Justice department for primarily political purposes. He endured an 18 year harassing and intrusive audit. Chuck was a harsh critic of both the Bush and Clinton regimes and more favorably supportive of Ross Perot, Reform Party and other lesser known political parties and persons. Chuck Harder was a fair-trade protectionist who waged the trade resistance war vs NAFTA/GATT globalist agendas. Chuck fought for the average American Worker and for bringing back better paying manufacturing jobs. Build and Buy American! He opposed outsourcing and exporting of jobs, plant closings and foreign relocations, competing unfairly with cheap foreign labor and the influx of illegals and the lack of secure borders. He investigated and challenged the power elite structure and status quo in big business, big media, and big government. Chuck covered: consumer affairs, current events, trade and tax policies, fair vs free trade, political news, mega-monopolies, corruption, conspiracies and cover-ups, nationalism vs globalism, interventionist wars and foreign entanglements, alternative media and free press, NASA and UFO’s and much more. His show had a eclectic mix of commentary, callers, news, and guests. His signature brand show, theme music and bumpers, his newspaper, unique product offerings and his historic broadcast setting made for a most memorable experience. For The People and Peoples Radio Network represented an alternative media vs the mainstream monopoly media.

Without a Chuck Harder or Pat Buchanan paving the way; along with Ross Perot and later Michael Savage there is No Trump campaign or presidency! Chuck deserves credit for his many contributions to informing and awakening America.

Strangely, Chuck Harder and Art Bell died within a few days of each other in April, 2018. Both were arguably the biggest and most impactful talk radio stars of their genres in the 1990’s and with the exception of Rush Limbaugh, ruled the talk radio landscape! They were both fiercely independent and alternative in their unique approaches.
Chuck Harder’s likely regrets might be his failings and mishandling of some of his business dealings with partners that cost him his various operations. Kayla, Liberty Lobby (Sun Radio Network), United Auto Workers (Peoples Radio Network, United Broadcast Network). Not prepared to battle the corporate consolidation and hostile takeover of broadcast media. Despite, these setbacks, Chuck remained on-the-air with his message and mission “For The People”. He later would broadcast his show via Talk America Radio Network, then started TalkStar Radio Network and online streaming and satellite. More recent For The People radio show podcast with co-host Keith Alan, who now continues on in the tradition of Chuck Harder.

Harder was beset for years with health ailments that included weight struggles, leg and heart problems and finally a severe stomach disorder. Chuck died of health related complications. He had been confined to a nursing home in Gainesville, Florida. He faced extreme health and financial challenges lifelong and persevered. Chuck was bigger than life literally and figuratively.

Full disclosure: I was the talk host who replaced Chuck Harder’s show on The Sun Radio Network back in April, 1991. We competed in the afternoons for many months before my joining Chuck’s Peoples Radio Network, in White Springs, Florida for nearly two years. Due to the controversial nature of both of our talk shows we had deep state government surveillance and interference that caused Harder concerns and his severing the ties with my show airing on his network. I was deeply disappointed and had to regroup and concentrate on seeking a new syndicating network to serve my affiliate stations and loyal listener base. Fortunately, I rebounded with BRN and later with Talk America Radio Network. If it hadn’t been for Chuck’s departure from Sun Radio Network I may not have ever experienced holding down a nationally syndicated talk show on this high level. Then to later join Chuck at his new network. In fact, for a few months I resided at the remote, historic Telford Hotel and broadcast center, before moving to Jacksonville. I feel a great debt of gratitude for the influence that Chuck Harder had on me and my career. The interesting intersection of our lives and careers was uncanny. He was one of the all-time greats! A legendary broadcast talent and media force who made his mark. It is my hope that Chuck Harder garners the radio broadcast respect and recognition long earned and well deserved and sometime soon is honored for his meaningful work in the Radio Hall of Fame.

By Tom Donahue host of America’s Town Forum in the 1990’s.

March 16, 2017 01:03 AM PDT

Tom Donahue was a guest on Truth Seekers Radio discussing his talk radio roots and the pioneering path he blazed in waking up America. He discussed his early calling and involvement in the liberty, freedom, patriot movement and later touting an America First theme. Tom recounts the many causes he promoted and conspiracies he exposed and opposed. Talked about the familiar populist Trump appeal and agenda and how he won.

February 13, 2017 11:20 AM PST

Tom Donahue was a guest on Earth Radio Live discussing the roots of the America First movement back in the early 1990's and the pioneering role he and his compatriots played. They vehemently opposed NAFTA, GATT, so called Free Trade and the sinister agenda of the NWO Global Elites. The Rise and Triumph of Trump and his version and vision for America First protectionist policies. His fervent unwavering supporters, despite, his baggage and blunders. The brave talk radio hosts who backed him. The Never Trump opposition forces from the left, right and beyond. The fast and furious pace of the newly elected President with his ambitious agenda and his unprecedented actions taken on behalf of the American people.. just keeping his promises and pledges.

June 20, 2016 11:13 PM PDT

The Orlando Onslaught.. the crazed carnage.. the brutal bloody massacre. Radicalized fanatical, Islamic ideology and religion are at war with Western Civilization and our culture, faith, freedoms and values. It's a Jihad on America and a Islamic Extremists reign of terror running rampant. Alpha male Americanist Trump the protector vs Obama and Hillary the enabling Islamic, Muslim sympathizers/apologists and their feeble responses to this deadly tragedy. Guns and the 2nd amendment targeted and seemingly on trial.

June 20, 2016 01:22 PM PDT

"Here’s why Trump’s foreign policy terrifies NeoCons" Tom focused on this insightful article written by Joseph A. Mussomeli . NeoCons, CFR internationalists and globalist vs Nationalists and America First, Non-Interventionist (unless in the national interest) foreign policy.

June 20, 2016 11:03 AM PDT

Tom discusses: Conservative talk radio and the media are divided on Trump GOP nominee. Unmitigated hypocrisy and Unprecedented non-support and non-endorsements of Trump the party nominee. Never Trump.. Dump Trump.. Derail Trump movements. in spite of the fact Trump trounces all other contenders and racks up record voter turnout and record historic primary votes!

June 20, 2016 08:45 AM PDT

The Final Super Tuesday Primary Results for GOP and DNC are analyzed and scrutinized.

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